Armored Vehicle Types


Armored Vehicles

Quality Coachworks vehicles are designed with comfort and security in mind.   We offer armoring on a variety of vehicle types including but not limited to secure delivery vehicles, sprinter vans, limousines, CEOs, and more.  Quality Coachworks offers a wide array of customization options for armored Vehicles working with high-quality certified products to ensure ballistic protection.

All vehicles built to customers exact specifications.



Quality Coachwork’s limousines are made with the customer in mind. Every limousine is made using high-quality products with a focus on luxury. With nearly 40 years designing and customizing limousines know that you’re in good hands. Quality Coachworks works with the customer to stretch a car to our customers specifications.

Secure Delivery

Secure Delivery Vehicles

Our state compliant Secure Delivery Vehicles are made to get your product from point A to point B safely. Our Secure Delivery Vehicles are available in many customization options and work perfectly for the cash-in-transit industry.  Armored and refrigerated options available. Ensure your products and money arrive safely and in style.



All of Quality Coachworks CEO’s are built using high-quality products with comfort and safety in mind. Select a chassis and let us know what you want inside. Quality Coachworks works with you every step of the way from the bottom up to ensure your vehicle is built our customers specifications



Quality Coachworks offers a wide array of options for custom hearses and funeral vehicles. Every Quality Coachworks hearse is built with the customer in mind. We offer customization in both more traditional style hearses and more modern looks.

Traditional Look

Modern Look

Used Vehicles

Here is our used vehicles that are currently available for sale. If you have any questions about availability of a particular vehicle, please reach out to us by phone or email