4 Benefits of Police Departments Armoring Patrol Vehicles

Armor Patrol Vehicle

December 20, 2022

Should Police Departments Armor Patrol Vehicles?

Today we’ll discuss the benefits of police departments armoring patrol vehicles. Most people don’t realize that most police patrol cars are not armored. The reasons vary by department but often involve budgets. With crime on the rise and departments struggling to recruit and keep officers and potential solution to help with this concerning issue is to provide better protection and increase morale for new police officers.

In our view, there are several benefits to armoring police patrol cars; here are the top 4 benefits:

1) Better protection for officers: Armoring patrol cars can provide additional protection in potentially dangerous situations, such as when responding to active shooter incidents or high-risk traffic stops.

2) Increased officer morale:  Armoring patrol cars help to improve officer morale, as it can provide officers with a greater sense of security while on duty

3) Enhanced public safety: Armoring patrol cars may also help to improve public safety, as it can allow officers to respond more effectively to dangerous situations and potentially reduce the risk of harm to bystanders.

4) Reduced property damage: In some cases, armoring patrol cars can help to reduce property damage during high-risk situations, such as by protecting against bullets or other types of debris.

It’s important to note that there may also be potential drawbacks to armoring patrol cars, such as the cost of purchasing and maintaining armored vehicles and the potential for increased weight and reduced maneuverability. However, this should be balanced with the ever-increasing officer recruiting and retention crisis. As with any decision related to law enforcement equipment and tactics, it’s essential to consider the potential benefits and drawbacks to make an informed decision.


Police Departments Armoring Patrol Vehicles


Consider budget-friendly options that can help protect officers.

In addition to standard Level B4 armoring for various parts of a patrol vehicle, departments may consider other protection features that are more budget-friendly. These options include:

  • 3M Mylar Safety Film
  • Run-Flat Tire Inserts
  • Kevlar Lite Armor
  • Vehicle Pepper Spray Systems

Armored patrol vehicles protect officers and improve office recruiting and retention.


If you’re a law enforcement agency representative and are exploring options to armor your patrol vehicles,  Contact us today for a free quote!

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