Bulletproof Tesla Model Y with B6 Armoring by Quality Coachworks

Bulletproof Tesla Model Y with B6 Armoring

August 12, 2022

Bulletproof Tesla Model Y with B6 Armor

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This Armored Model Y was customized for a Law Enforcement client and features:

  • Level B6 Armor for Law Enforcement
  • Uses Add Armor on Door Panels
  • Lightweight Composite Armor Panels

We start the process by inspecting the Model Y. Then, door panels are removed by our experienced technicians. Lightweight composite armor panels, which are custom fit for the vehicle, are installed. We then install check straps to prevent over-extension of the doors. Attention to detail during the reassembly is critical for the final appearance and function. Lastly, fit and finish are inspected by our quality control expert. Our process ensures this bulletproof Model Y appears the same as when it arrived, and this law enforcement agency is ready for its new Bulletproof Tesla Model Y with B6 Armor.

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Armord Tesla Model Y

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Tesla Model Y Inspected

Model Y Bulletproof

Check out our video on this unique Bulletproof Model Y with B6 Armor:

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