How Do You Armor a Civilian Vehicle for Protection of Friends & Family?

June 14, 2022

We’re often asked how we armor civilian vehicles for our clients. Here’s how we approach this process.

At QC Armor, we’ve identified the need for everyday armored vehicles that protect our client’s friends and family. In the past, this was considered a luxury reserved only for the rich, famous, or those in the executive class.
We’re proud to announce that we’ve worked with our partners to create light armor protection packages that are now affordable to many. If you are looking for peace of mind when transporting friends and family, here’s how we approach this solution.


First, we start by essentially creating a protective belt around any vehicle, surrounding the precious occupants with level B5 armor protection. In city environments, the most likely threat will come from carjacking, road rage, robbery, or crossfire from random street violence.



Civilian Protection


Our civilian protection features can include:

  • Light Weight Kevlar in Doors
  • Replacement of all factory glass with bulletproof glass
  • Run-flat tire inserts
  • Siren PA System
  • Sound Cannon
  • Electric Shock Door Handles
  • Pepper Spray Systems

Our pricing varies depending on the options selected, but we can custom tailor a package that fits almost any budget. Learn more about our civilian protection features here.

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