Our Process



Choose Vehicle

We work with you to select a chassis. Do you already own a chassis? Not a problem, let us know which vehicle you’re looking to upfit, and we will discuss our options.


Choose Armor / Customization options

Now that your vehicle type is in mind, we will discuss our armoring
options with you to find which suites your needs. We offer armoring
at levels B4, B5, and B6. B7 available upon request.


Get a Quote

Pick up the phone and give us a call. We provide every potential
customer with a personal quote for their vehicle, listing
customization, armor options, and pricing.


We receive and inspect the vehicle

Once the quote is accepted, we will receive or purchase the
vehicle chassis to begin work. We thoroughly examine the vehicle
to ensure nothing was damaged or missing in transport.


Prep the vehicle

We clean the vehicle and cover all exposed parts in
3M fire retardant paper.


Body Modification

Next, we will undergo any body modification to the vehicle,
all stretching, and weld work will be completed.


Air Conditioning / Electrical

Once the body modification is completed, we will begin
all air condition and electrical wiring for the vehicle.
The entire vehicle will be pre-wired.



We will now reconstruct the interior, installing sound proofing,
thermal insulation, and armoring to the customers specifications.


Upholstery work

After that is complete, we will construct the headliners, seating,
and finish all custom upholstery work for the vehicle.


Quality Control – Inspection/ Detail

With the vehicle fully built we now undergo quality control.
We fully inspect the vehicle to ensure it meets our standards.
Lastly, the vehicle is fully cleaned and detailed.